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SUV with Baby Car Seat
CHILD BABY CAR SEAT SERVICE   Trusted  Car Seat Provider for more than a decade
Travel Safely with  airport limousine Child Seat Service
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Child Seat limo taxi | Infant Car Seat limo taxi  | Toddler Car Service | Toronto Airport SUV Limo with baby Car Seat  |  Booster Toronto Airport Limo Baby Car Seat service
Our Airport transfer Limo or Toronto to any city or town chauffeured car services are equipped with clean and maintained child / baby car seats, Neat and sanitized fleet of Town Cars, SUV's, Sprinter passenger Van's with regularly cleaned with kids car seats.

Book with confidence with Toronto Airport Limo child seat as our vehicles are here to serve and protect your most precious ones.

Our image, experience and safety travel standards will give you that personal touch you’ve been looking for. Our mission is to make all of our customers happy & satisfied with high safety standards.

At our company - Child Seat | Infant Rear facingToddler Front Facing | Booster for older kids. Toronto Airport taxi limo Baby Car Seat, we really care about the products we sell & provide, and we’d like to share our most important services and products with just something extra with you!              
As a baby car seat Limo franchise, We have been successful in creating awareness as now a vast majority of people are attracted with the concept of safe baby travel in the GTA simply to make sure their precious one's are safe. 

Traveling with kids and you require baby car seats then please call us to reserve your Toronto Airport Limo is a child seat airport transportation and chauffeured car service. We offer child Safety Limousine and baby car seat Taxi service to and from Toronto Airports. Now, You can travel anywhere from Toronto International Airport to all over Ontario without worrying for the required baby seats. Our baby car seats equipped fleet includes sedan limos, Executive black airport taxis, 7 Person SUV limos. All are equipped with baby seats. Toronto Child seat services can also be reserved for non Airport travel in greater Toronto region and out of town in southern Ontario. 

In Todays world, child safety is optimum while traveling anywhere. Our baby car seat limousine or corporate Taxi service specifically follows Canadian bylaws in child safety & transportation.

Our kids car seat transportation 
service is able to offer our Toronto 
clients, Airport traveling customers 
mostly families with clean maintained child seats who have kids requiring either rear facing Infant Seats, Front facing Toddler Seats or simply Booster baby car seats for Toronto Airport transfers.

Since 2009, We have also been offering Toronto airport taxi with child safety seats rental for city to city kids travel. Our Limousine baby car seat service offers a brand new insight about Canadian transportation laws, precautions on child safety in commercial taxis and limousine vehicles.
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1.    Reserve your Airport Baby Car service in advance

2.    Before you enter immigration / customs, 
       Please call us on 1-866-969-4333 or 416-997-5466
       immediately as you deplane this will let us know 
       that  you are on your way

3.   Proceed to the designated Door A, Once you have           your luggage.

      Please after exiting Custom/Security Doors - Turn           LEFT on the corridor and walk all the way to Door A

 4. Besides Door A is the Pre Arrange Desk, Please     
     notify the Pre-arranged Dispatcher to page for        
     "TORONTO AIRPORTS LIMOUSINE"  Booked under                "YOUR" Name.

1.     Reserve Your Airport Baby Car Service in advance 

2.    For Arrival: Call us immediately before boarding 
       the Ferry before arriving on the mainland                      Toll Free 1-866-969-4333 or 416 997 5466

​3.    Our Dispatch will provide you with your Taxi/Limo's  registration Plate no for your convenience.
​       NOTE:  Customers can either get dropped off or get Picked-up at the Terminal ( Mainland) or through the Ferry        on the Island 

      **   Extra charges apply for Island airport pick up or drop off. Also, You can call us without any charge our Toll               Free or through your Cell phone or any pay phone on

"A Toronto Airport Car Seat Taxi or a Toronto Airport child seat limousine Offering Infant, Toddler or Booster Kids Car Seats for Billy Bishop Island Airport, Hamilton, Airport Buffalo Niagara Airport & Toronto Pearson Airport with Child Seat transportation" 
Note: "Since we can only Prearrange your Limousine Taxi or Car service with your requested Infant, Toddler or Booster baby Car Seats. Please be aware of the $15 Toronto Pearson Airport charge which will be automatically added on your bill for all airport pick ups" 

#1     How many of You are traveling, i.e, Number of passengers.
#2     What size and type of Luggage are you bringing. Checked Bags, Carry On's etc.
#3     Are you bringing a Stroller then What type, Foldable, Full Size or an umbrella one..
#4     How old is your child or children, How much does he weigh as we wanna make 
         sure we bring the right baby car seat/s

FYI - For Your Information

  • Drivers by Law are not allowed to install the car seats themselves. So please try to understand our restrictions as per Commercial insurance policy.

  • Passengers may be asked by the drivers not to put any luggage in front of the baby due to liability restriction and danger to the child.

  • We may or may not have your required brand of your desired car seat as this is a courtesy service to help or assist you and we apologize for this inconvenience.

  • Toronto Airport Child Car Seat understands that parents need more time but nevertheless, The first 10 minutes are provided as a grace period to the traveling families. After 10 minutes you will be charged waiting time as per regular policy.

  • Sedans can accommodate upto 4 passengers with 3 pieces of luggage with small carry ons. 2 pieces of luggage with a Foldable Stroller, 2 Large checked bags with Umbrella stroller and carry ons.

  • SUV will be offered if you have anything more then the above luggage. 

  • Prearrange fee is applicable when you are getting picked up from Pearson Airport. Our explanation to this is that We need to have your Limousine or Taxi available with your required child seats upon your arrival. We will need to wait for you at the airport. Since they are no available limos or taxis with car seats at the airport.

  • You agree that since Toronto Airport Child Seat service is offering this service only as a courtesy and as convenience to traveling families. You should not expect our drivers to install your seats due to insurance policy restrictions. 

  • Please keep in mind that Since our drivers are making an extra effort in Picking up the car seat/s, bringing them to you and after servicing you are dropping them back to the office, So, Please expect to get charged more than a regular fare. In case of a No show, Toronto Airport Child Seat will not be responsible in any possible way to guaranty in providing limo with child seats. 

​                               TERMINAL 3

1.   Reserve your Airport Baby Car service in advance

2.  Before you enter immigration / customs, 
     Please call us on 1-866-969-4333 or 416-997-5466
     immediately as you deplane this will let us know 
     that you are on your way

3.  Proceed to the designated Door A, Once you have            your luggage.

    Please after exiting Custom/Security Doors, Turn             LEFT on the corridor and walk all the way till the end     for Door A or Gate # 7 to 13

4.  Exit "Door A" (Gate 7 - 13) For Pre Arrange Booth                outside, Please notify the Pre-arranged Dispatcher          to page for  "TORONTO AIRPORTS LIMOUSINE"                     Booked under "YOUR" name.  
Infant baby Car Seat Taxi, Rear Facinf baby car seat
Rear Facing Child Seat
Front Facing Toddler Seat
AIRPORT TAXI CAR SEAT: Rear Facing infant Seat Taxi, 5 point harness Front Facing Toddler seat taxi limo, Booster car seat for older babies taxi limo. Toronto Airport Child Seat Limousine offers to further assist the travelling parents for more protection for their babies. 

Helping create a saving environment all travellers with fleet of SUV limos, Sedan Limos, Van Shuttles or simply transferring limos with car seats. 
5 Point Harness, Front Facing Toddler Seat